helene and harry are back!

“Who Am I This Time?”, based on the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., was originally produced as a one-
hour film for the PBS American Playhouse series in 1982. Written and Produced by Neal Miller, it stars
Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken and is directed by Jonathan Demme.The film was an immediate
success, garnering many festival awards & honored with several special presentations around the
world. It is still in active distribution and has developed a large “cult” following (see reviews at imdb.com ).
Exhibitions: PBS - American Playhouse, Showtime, and The Disney Channel.
Awards: Special Presentation: Venice Film Festival, Best Television Production Award: Setmana Int'l De Cinema de Barcelona, Special Presentation: San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, First American film presented on BBC Globe Theatre, and Special Presentation: ACT I: First American Film Festival in the Soviet Union.
US Home Video Distribution: Monterey Media. Foreign Distribution in 20 countries.

The small town of North Crawford never tires of seeing Harry Nash in every leading role at the Mask & Wig Club. But after each brilliant performance Harry returns to his life as a timid, tongue-tied hardware store clerk. Enter newcomer Helene Shaw who travels from town to town working for the telephone company. The Club director thinks she will be a perfect Stella in their next production - A Streetcar Named Desire. There is only one problem – Helene’s acting is terrible. When
Harry comes in to read for the part of Stanley Kowalski, he shocks Helene into giving the performance of her life. After that, Harry and Helene throw themselves into the play with a passion. Who Am I This Time? tells the story of what happens when the truth about Harry finally dawns on Helene, and she embarks on a humorous and unorthodox campaign to win him.

Neal Miller has obtained the rights to produce a feature-length version of “Who Am I This Time?”. He has also obtained the rights to use segments of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”, as they were performed in the original production. The expanded screenplay preserves the essence and integrity of the original production while developing the principal characters in much greater depth. Production is scheduled for 2015, and casting of the leads is in progress.

Based on its already broad and enthusiastic following and with a comparable cast, the film has a distinct advantage in achieving financial success in worldwide distribution.


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